Maths and Computer Science Education Content

Nextpoint is a social enterprise focusing on the creation and distribution of content to make learning maths and computer science easy and engaging.


Learning topics are presented in a format that is easy to understand and recall through visualisation.

Learning presentation example

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Concepts are reinforced with interactive exercises designed to form an understanding of practical application.

Interactive learning practise app

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Learning progress can be monitored for early identification of problems and creation of personalised learning plans.

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Learning with Nextpoint education resources helps you to quickly learn the skills needed for success with maths and computer science. Without the complexity presented under traditional teaching strategies, learning with Nextpoint replaces confusing numbers, formulas and jargon with easy to understand experiences and stories that are easy to recall through visualisation.


Teaching with Nextpoint education resources provides a unique opportunity to engage students who have difficulties learning maths and computer science. From lesson planning and assessment, to presentation of engaging content that is easy to understand, Nextpoint learning resources help you to maximise the impact of your time investment. use of their time for providing tailored guidance to students who need specific help.


Working with Nextpoint education resources allows you to develop skills and insights to benefit your career. Discover concepts relating to data management and software development that will allow you to solve problems more efficiently and to a higher standard.