Smart Learning Model

The Smart Learning model is a method for understanding maths without heavy reliance on numbers. It provides an easier way for students to learn complex maths concepts with increased confidence and engagement.


Smart Learning's underlying principle is to develop an understanding of maths concepts through visual experiences that are easy to see, understand and recall. The visual approaches presented to students allows them to gain experience in using maths as a tool for solving problems.

Visual Language

The visual element of the Smart Learning model is more than merely applying pictures to written maths. Imagery is the primary communication medium for presenting new concepts, allowing students to learn from their interpretation of what they can see in response to their interactions.

The model's imagery and associated interactions have been strategically designed to be compatible with the thinking processes of people in categories of neurodiversity such as dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Simplified Learning

The Smart Learning model avoids "hard learning" experienced by people who have difficulties with understanding maths. Its focus on visual interaction allows students to relate maths to their existing understanding of the world, avoiding the complexity of written notation that they find difficult to understand.

Students are physically able to see maths concepts as actions in ways that are easy to understand and quickly eliminate fears created from previous learning experiences. The learning model helps to engage students in their learning programme through developing increased confidence and abilities.

Smart Content

Smart Learning content opens a new approach to teaching and understanding maths for the benefit of teachers and their students. From allowing students to quickly understand complex concepts, through to optimising the logistics of lesson planning and delivery, Smart Learning content allows students and teachers to save time and become more productive.

Schools and colleges are able to benefit from free access to Smart Learning content for use in lessons.